What we offer

  • Software & technical documentation services
  • End-user manuals for electronics, software & applications
  • Tutorials & how-to guides
  • Personal & Professional Web Design services
  • Front end development
  • White papers & research papers
  • Editing & proofreading
  • Technical marketing


Communication is the foundation of a strong customer relationship.  Approaching every project with responsiveness, the goal is to fully understand your needs.  Using a systemic workflow, content is produced with a sourced outline, then tailored to fit the exact needs of the customer.  Quality research and analytics provide an efficient and economic means to producing the highest quality content possible.

For Technical Writing services:

This approach allows the conveyance of expert information in an easily digestible format for you and your customers.

We offer a myriad of technical writing services ranging from white papers & research papers to standard operating procedures and manuals. Let us help you organize and standardize your business. A strong analytical approach combined with extraordinary attention to detail provides you or your business with the highest quality product possible.

Our writing and documentation process is a well oiled machine for content creation. We can standardize your procedures, creating easily understood and highly professional products.

For Web Development services:

This approach allows for a rapid return of content with iterations that involve the customers input in order to generate the best web content possible.

Personal or professional web design, development and services for you or your business. Let us help you get online and provide you with the web content you need. Always using the latest technologies, Godfrey Global Solutions will tailor our toolbox to your needs. Well versed in HTML5, CSS/JavaScript (ES6), NodeJS, VueJS & Electron, we can find the right solution to your problem.

  • Solid communication ensures the product is always a perfect fit for your needs.
  • A methodical strategy takes the content and produces a quality product.
  • A tailored research process provides a bedrock to generate the content.   

Godfrey Global Solutions is dedicated to providing you with the greatest return on investment possible while providing an outstanding service experience

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